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Hombli Set

We received a set from Hombli to test out. A lamp, power plug and a camera. With the Hombli App you can operate and automate these products. Let's see if and how this will work via WiFi, read the review.

Hombli is a new smart player on the market and does not have a physical controller but a “controller” that is located in the cloud. You use your mobile to manage and operate it. Control is not done via the Z-wave or Zigbee protocol, but via a secure internet connection. You can control the products in your home from anywhere in the world via your mobile. Hombli is based on the open Tuya Smart IoT base platform. Hombli continuously invests in new IoT technology, so that you can always enjoy the latest smart functions.

Dutch quality

Hombli is a brand of Avanca International, a company that brings diverse, functional, innovations to the market. They started from a living room, in the Netherlands, with a laptop stand, which I also happen to have and which is really great. That living room soon became too small and they have grown into larger premises and branches in England and Hong Kong. They already produce more than hundreds of other innovative products and have already received several innovation awards. They have the ambition to run a responsible and sustainable business and to create a platform where talented designers have the opportunity to present their innovative product ideas to a wider audience.

A cloud controller?

The products that Hombli makes are really pure for a smart home and they already have a wide range. This consists of different types of LED lamps, a doorbell with camera, an indoor/outdoor camera, door/window sensor, various types of power switches, an IR remote control and a flood sensor. The Hombli APP can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and/or Google store.

Test package:

We have received a test package from Hombli with a Smart Socket (power switch), a Smart Bulb - RGB & CCT (lamp) and an Indoor Camera (indoor camera). A good mix to get to know the products of Hombli and discover what we can do with the App.

We are going to install the APP first and then add the different products. Then we will look at the smart options in the App to automate these products.

This product is for sale for:

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera
€ 40
Hombli Smart Bulb
€ 25
Hombli Smart Socket
€ 25


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