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Hombli Set

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Hombli also work without the cloud environment?
At the moment it is not yet possible to control the Hombli devices without internet. More local control is being worked on, but it is not yet available.

Which WiFi protocols are supported?
2.4GHz is supported, unfortunately 5Ghz is not

Can I also use Hombli products in other controllers (such as the Homey)?
No, this is currently not possible.

Because the Hombli works with a cloud environment, is my data safe?
The Hombli website states that a good security system is used and that regular tests are carried out to guarantee this security. In addition, they meet the GDPR requirements. You have to check for yourself whether you think this is sufficient, let's say that putting something out of the house always entails safety risks.

This product is for sale for:

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera
€ 40
Hombli Smart Bulb
€ 25
Hombli Smart Socket
€ 25


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