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IKEA TRÅDFRI - Wireless control outlet

Installation on the Ikea Gateway:

We start with installing this plug adapter via the Ikea Gateway. Of course, this should be a piece of cake. After all, it is their own product. We start the APP first and go to the rooms section. Then I press Control Outlet at add devices.

The APP will ask for power to the adapter. You can see if the plug is on because the LED on the front is on. You cannot connect this plug directly to the hub. You must use a different device. So if you only buy the plug (as in our case) you have to take this into account. It is also the case that you can link up to 10 devices in this way.

We use the remote control which comes with the basic set. If you open it at the back, there is a button that you have to press for 10 seconds. Make sure you are close to the plug and I mean really close to (preferably on it). The Plug was found as expected and I see it on my devices. And of course I can turn it on or off.

If the plug is not found, you can push a small pin in the bottom. If you hold it for 10 seconds and release it, it will be reset. The LED on the front indicates this by illuminating.

Installation screens:


Very surprisingly you get an on/off switch.

Example rule:

I want to use this plug in my stereo. This is always standby and then it consumes 25W. A waste of energy when I'm not at home. So I make a rule which to make it turn off.


As expected, this plug works fine. I also tested the range and even if I have the gateway downstairs and the plug in the attic, it still switches fine. In the APP I don't really think the switch comes across as an on/off button, but you get used to this quickly.

This product is for sale for:

IKEA TRÅDFRI - Wireless control outlet
€ 10
TRÅDFRI - Control Outlet Kit
€ 15

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