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Shelly RGBW2

We take a look at the Shelly RGBW2 with which you can control an LED strip via WiFi.

Another 2nd product from Shelly which we will provide with a review. Shelly is a newcomer to the smart home market. They are part of Allterco Robotics and are based in Bulgaria. They have put quite a few products on the market in a short time, so they are definitely working on the road.

I sent the Shelly RGBW2 sent from Shelly. This is a WiFi module with which you can control LED strips. You change your (stupid) LED controller and make it smart. The RGBW2 works with the WiFi protocol, so even without a special controller you can use this product. A free APP is included to make this possible, but linking to your own smart home system is also possible.

The nice thing about this product is that you can integrate it nicely with your existing switch material. You build a switch behind you (in a flush-mounted box). The installation is not very complicated and a clear schedule is included. You can connect a 12V and 24V LED strip (or lamp). At 12V the maximum power is 288W and at 24V surprisingly 144W. More than enough for most solutions. RGB LEDs, White LEDs (1 color) and RGBW LEDs can be connected. You can connect 4 strips to the WiFi LEDs (1 to each channel).

The module is one of the smallest on the market with its 41 x 36 x 17 mm. So it fits perfectly in a standard 40mm deep recessed box.

Nicely priced

A smart home can get pretty dirty and often you are not done with 1 module once you have caught the virus. Fortunately, the Shelly meets this need because this module is already for sale for € 17.95. If you compare this with, for example, a Fibaro RGBW switch, you can buy 4 of them, because it costs € 59.95. That makes a big difference.


What do you get:

- Shelly RGBW2 incl. Yellow color
- Manual (English)
- Connection diagram

- ... for connecting 220V



We are going to test the Shelly on the following systems:

- Their own APP
- Homey
- Home assistant
- Domoticz


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