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February 20, 2019 | Niels Laan | Xiaomi, Motion sensors

Xiaomi Aqara Human Motion Sensor


With this sensor you can detect movements and measure light. It is compact and therefore fairly invisible to install. You can do this by using the supplied bracket. If you use this bracket you can place it in every corner. Hanging without the bracket is also possible because this makes it even more compact, but you lose some flexibility with hanging. 2 double-sided stickers are supplied and it is powered by a button cell battery (CR2450). This battery is fairly common and you buy it from Action, for example.

It works via the Zigbee protocol so check carefully whether your controller supports this. The viewing angle of the sensor is 170 degrees and reaches up to 9 meters. This seems to be around 7 meters in practice, this viewing angle seems to be quite correct. I notice that the range of this sensor is not super large. Therefore, hang it no more than 5 meters from your controller, or use a repeater to transmit the signal.

There are 2 drawbacks to this sensor and that is that there are no sensitivity adjustment options. In addition, he has no tamper detector. This makes it less suitable for an alarm system because a burglar can take it off the wall unseen.

It is for sale for around € 7.50 to € 15.00 depending on where you buy it. You can order it in China, for example, or you can also order it through our Dutch partner.

So: If you are looking for a cheap motion sensor, the Aqara motion sensor is a good option.

Responds quickly

Only to be used with certain controllers
No tamper alarm
Sensitivity cannot be set

Tested with:
Homey, Firmware 1.5.3
ZipaTile, firmware 1.3.13e
Vera Plus, firmware 1.7.3532
Xiaomi Gateway
Domoticz, firmware 4.9700
Hass, 0.84.2

This product is for sale for:

€ 13

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