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Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Mini Switch

Installation via Home Assistant (HASS):

Just like with Domoticz you must first add the button to the Xiaomi Gateway. In HASS I made a link to the Xiaomi gateway, this way the devices come directly to the front in Home Assistant.




Not so exciting.

Example scene:

I would like to arrange that if I press the button 1x then the lamp of the Xiaomi Gateway comes on. This is just an example because you can of course arrange everything with this.

First we create the "all events" node, which ensures that everything that comes in is collected. Because we only want to use the click for the button, we provide a "switch" node where I enter the button ID to ensure that only this is passed. Then I make another switch to ensure that the single click is passed on. Finally, I turn on the lamp.

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€ 12

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