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Niels Laan | March 27, 2018

Controller overview, which controller should I choose?

We are regularly asked which home automation controller is the best choice. This depends on what you want to do with the smart home system and of course your personal preferences. In this post we'll try to bring some light into the darkness.

[Update 2019-10-01: Home Assistant added]

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Niels Laan | April 14, 2016

Vera Plus

As you can read in the review of the Vera Edge, Vera Control is busy rolling out new products. The Vera Plus is a new product. This is an upgrade version of the Edge. He has built in a number of extra things. Read on quickly what all this means.

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Niels Laan | August 23, 2015

Vera Edge

Two weeks ago I received the Vera Edge from Vera Control. This is the new controller from Vera which supports z-wave plus and uses the new 7.0 User Interface (UI). I am very curious about the possibilities of this controller. It is quite a long story: so sit down for a moment.

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