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March 07, 2022 | Niels Laan | Fibaro

Fibaro Heat Controller Radiator Thermostat


There are not that many options when it comes to Z-Wave thermostats. In the past Danfose had a Z-Wave version but it is no longer made. So there remains 1 competitor and that is the Eurotronic/Aeotec Spirit Thermostatic valve.

If we compare it with the Fibaro, it is a lot less compact and it looks a bit bulky. It does have a display where you can view the set temperature. With the Fibaro version you can only see this if you turn the knob and then give the LED a color (for example: white is off and red is completely open).

The Eurotronic works with 2 AA batteries and the Fibaro has a built-in battery. Both have their pros and cons. With the first you can easily replace the batteries, but this is less environmentally friendly, with the Fibaro you just have to have a socket nearby.

Another plus for the Fibaro is that it comes with a separate temperature sensor, this is built into the Eurotronic, but it measures the temperature close to the radiator, this can sometimes give wrong values. After all, you want to know the room temperature.

And finally there is the price of €49.95 for the Eurotronic and €89.95 for the Fibaro.

Which one should you buy now? Both are quite similar to each other. Are you going for looks (nicely designed and small) then I would buy the Fibaro, if you want to spend less money, it is better to take the Eurotronic.

This product is for sale for:

Fibaro Heat Controller Radiator Thermostat
€ 90

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