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March 30, 2022 | Niels Laan | INNR, Controllers, INNR

INNR Bridge (2.0)

Competition/Buy Advice/Comparison:

There are of course a lot of Smart Home Hubs to compare this INNR Bridge with. But if we look at the products that INNR sells, and compare this with the competition, you can best compare this bridge with the Ikea TRÅDFRI connection hub and the Philips HUE Bridge.

Both brands have similar products in their range. Philips focuses more on more different types of lighting. For example, if you look at the outdoor lighting, HUE has more than 10 different types, while INNR only has 4. If you look at Ikea they have about the same amount as INNR. But also have products that are not aimed at lighting. Think, for example, of motion detectors, smart roller blinds, air purifiers, etc.

In terms of price, the Ikea is the cheapest at €29.95, followed by the INNR with €39.99 and the Philips costs the most, namely €59.95. All hubs use the Zigbee protocol so there is no difference.

If we then look at the APP/software, these are also comparable. The Ikea is the simplest here, it has a slightly less extensive way of making routines/rules. All 3 aren't really that smart either. For this you will soon have to look at a system such as the Smartthing HUB or, one step higher, the hub of Homey/Athom and Fibaro Home Center 3.

Which one should you buy now? We think it's best to look at what kind of devices you want to make smart and make the choice based on that. If you want some more options (in terms of devices), it's best to go for the Philips.


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Competition/Buy advice/Comparison

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