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Logitech Harmony

You know it, you want to watch a movie and for that you have to take various remote controls to turn on your TV, amplifier and media player. It would of course be nice if you can arrange this with 1 click. Logitech has come up with a nice solution for this. In the form of a smart remote control, we will investigate it further.

Logitech's remote control is not just any remote control. It has many smart functions to make your life easier. This way you can switch on all your devices with 1 button and ensure that they are on the right channel. So you no longer need 3 different remote controls. Super nice!

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The Harmony works with more than 270,000 devices, so your TV or media player will certainly be among them. If this is not the case, you can use your old remote to learn it in the Harmony. If you want to check in advance whether your device is supported, Logitech has this handy website: https://support.myharmony.com/compatibility

What do you get:

- Logitech supplies a hub with this remote control
- 2 power supplies
- 2 IR extenders
- USB plug for to the computer
- A short starter's guide.

The Hub:

This remote comes with a hub. This hub is the "brain" of the whole and ensures that all signals are properly transmitted. It is the case that the remote control itself does not send infrared signals. He does this through a Bluetooth connection. The big advantage of this is that you don't necessarily have to point the remote control at your TV and it can be used anywhere in the house. The hub ensures that the Bluetooth, WiFi and IR signals are sent. It is therefore useful to place it in plain sight. Although this is not entirely true because you can also use the 2 included IR blasters. I have the Hub in a cupboard myself and the blaster outside. This is also a lot nicer because the blaster is super small.

The hub has a USB connection on the back for the power, there is a reset button and 2 IR blasters can be connected.

Appearance hub:

Hub size:

Remote control:

With the remote control you can operate old skool your devices. It feels light in the hand and is a little rough at the back, giving you a good grip. Nice that there are also regular buttons with which you can, for example, adjust the volume. Via the display you can set the more extensive things.

I find the buttons on the bottom very much on the bottom. Because of this you sometimes have to feel where the buttons are with your thumb. You can charge it by putting it in the included stand / base. This works very well.

Remote control appearance:

Remote control size:


You can control the added devices with the remote control, but you can also use the APP. The APP has almost the same functions. So you can start an activity with it and control your devices. You can also add new devices with it. I find the operation via the APP a bit slow. You will notice this especially when you zap with your TV.


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