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Logitech Harmony


This versatile Logitech remote lets you connect the old world to the new world. For example, you can now also control a TV that only works via an IR remote control via the APP, Google home or your home automation system. Another big advantage is of course that you only need 1 remote control instead of 3 or more to watch a movie, for example. You can ensure that everything is turned on with 1 click. This is all very easy to set up via the APP or the software on your computer.

Because Logitech has a fairly large market share, the link with your home automation system is available for most systems. For example, when you start an activity you can automatically set your lamps to a certain level or ensure that your curtains close. So you can make this remote even smarter. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create virtual buttons, on the Harmony, that, for example, control your lamps via your controller.

If you have Philips HUE lamps, you can also add them without a home automation controller. This also applies to the Nest thermostat. You can also use these in your activities.

The remote feels solid and the back has a somewhat rougher material so you don't just let it slip out of your hands. Charging is easy by placing it in the supplied charger. If you do not charge it, I think it will last 3 days.

Thanks to the included IR blaster, all devices are easily accessible. So you can still operate devices that are in a corner or in a cupboard. The hub does not necessarily have to be in view of your devices. So you can put it anywhere. You also no longer have to point the remote control at the device, because all communication runs via the hub. As a user you will not notice this either.

You can also control your devices via the APP. However, this does not work completely smoothly. It sometimes takes a while until the APP has a connection with the HUB and sending commands takes a bit longer. It is very nice that everything can be set well via the APP. Logitech has thought about this.

This remote control is not cheap with its € 249.00, but for this you get a complete device.

Support devices
Possibility to learn devices
Placement of HUB is no problem

Not cheap
Devices of home automation controller cannot be operated via the Harmony
Response time of the APP

Tested with:
Homey, Firmware 2.0.5
Fibaro HC2, firmware 4.104

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