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Power plug Wifi - Neo CoolCam


You can automate the Neo CoolCam Power Plug Wifi in different ways in the Smart Life App. In the Power Plug itself you have the options to turn on or schedule a timer. Via the App you have a tab Tap-to-Run and Automation, at Tap-to-Run you can create a button for an action and at "Automation" you have various options to automate things.

First we look at the option under the added Power Plug:


At Tap-to-Run you have the option to create a button under which you place certain actions or actions:


At Automation we create an action for when the outside temperature is below 10 degrees:

Other possibilities:

Of course you have much more options if you have also added other devices and you would, for example, have a motion sensor turn on the Power Plug.

This product is for sale for:

Power plug Wifi - Neo CoolCam
$ 13


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