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Power plug Wifi - Neo CoolCam


For the Neo Coolcam Power Plug Wifi you need the Smart Life App that you can find in the Google or Apple Store. The app on the Google playstore is from Tuya Inc and on the Apple Store from Yu xiang.
Tuya is a Chinese company and there is not much to find about Yu xiang even at the Apple store you can not find out which company it really is, but I assume that this is the same Chinese company Tuya. What we know for sure is that they store all of your information and can share it with subsidiaries and affiliates, with third parties only with your permission. I can't find a list of the subsidiaries and affiliates on the Tuya site, so we don't know if the Chinese government has a hand in this.
Installing the App and adding the Power Plug is very simple and worked without any problems.

The Smart Life App can be used for even more devices and almost looks like a complete controller. I wonder how you can add a Z-wave or Zigbee Power Plug via your phone, since a mobile phone or tablet does not have a Z-wave or Zigbee chip. We are now going to add the Power Plug:

The settings of the Smart Life App are minimal and have the following options:

This product is for sale for:

Power plug Wifi - Neo CoolCam
$ 13


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