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With the Sevenhugs you can control all devices with 1 remote control. For example, if you are going to watch a movie, you no longer need to hold 3 remote's in your hand to switch on all the different devices and ensure that they are placed on the correct channel. This is now possible with 1 button.

You control your devices via a screen of the Sevenhugs. So he has no physical buttons at his disposal. This takes some getting used to in the beginning, but after a while you don't know anything else. The advantage of this screen is that you can organize everything yourself and thus completely adjust it to your own liking. What is a disadvantage that the buttons are sometimes difficult to find in the dark.

Device support seems fine. Of course we cannot check whether there are actually 650,000 devices supported, but the devices we have added all work fine. If your device is not listed, you can learn it yourself.

In addition to the IR devices, various IP devices are also supported. Such as the Nest Thermostat, Philips HUE and spotify connect. We are still working on supporting various home automation controllers. Such as the Samsung smartthings and IFTTT. There is also no support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa yet.

The Sevenhugs is super small with its 136 x 42 x 7.7 mm and feels very light in the hand. It has this size because you can operate all buttons with one hand. He would have liked me a bit heavier now it all feels a bit vulnerable.

Charging is done by the included dock. This includes a USB-C connection where you can use the remote. I have some questions about this construction. One strong impact and it breaks off.

During my test I mainly had problems connecting to my WiFi. After contacting Sevenhugs about this, it turned out that this was due to my router. It is said that this problem will be remedied in the future.

What is most unique about this remote is that a sensor is included with which the position of the Sevenhugs can be determined. This allows you to point it towards the device you want to control and it will immediately show the correct screen.

As is often the case with these types of products, the basis has been set, but the dots have yet to be put on the i and so not everything works 100% as it should. I can see that Sevenhugs is working hard to make the system better, so I regularly receive new firmware.

It is for sale for € 299.00, which does not make it the cheapest remote.

Support devices
Aim and operate

WiFi problems
Charging option in dock can break off quickly
Not support Google Home, Alexa and home automation controllers

Tested with versions:
Firmware: v0.68.42
APP: Android - 1.7.5


Niels Laan

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