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February 12, 2019 | Niels Laan | Viaroom, Viaroom



The Viaroom is a good solution for people who want a smart home automation system. The system learns from your behavior without having to make a ditch of scenes. He is also really aimed at this target group. A tweaker / geek could put this together themselves.

The installation and setting of the scenes is all easy and self-explanatory. Everyone should be able to work with this system. With our testing and what we've seen from Viaroom, the system really does what it says on the tin. If this is not the case, you can easily adjust scenes yourself.

Of course there are also some negatives and that is the support of controllers and devices. This is not so extensive. For example, at the Fibaro Home Center only Fibaro modules are supported and not so many other brands. Of course Viaroom indicates that it is working on this and will come with more support soon.

Another point is the price of € 129.00. Do you think it is worth this amount to spend less time in the home automation system?

So: Are you looking for a self-learning system to control the automation of your home? Then the Viaroom is a nice solution.

Easy to use
AI (self-learning) does what it promises

Support devices

We would like to thank Fibaro Benelux for making this product available.


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