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March 08, 2021 | Niels Laan | Xiaomi

Xiaomi Aqara Light Sensor

Installation on Homey:

We will be the first to add this light sensor to the Homey. You can start the addition by logging into the Homey and going to your devices. You then press the plus sign and search for the Aqara light sensor. When you have found it, install the APP (if you have not already done so). Then you will be asked to press and hold the button of the sensor for 5 seconds. You have to wait for the LED to flash blue 3x. After this you can release the button. The Homey found the sensor almost immediately and I see it appear with my devices.

More importantly: I see a lux value coming in. I also see the battery level.

Installation screens:



It is unclear to me when the sensor is performing an update, but if I keep my hand on the sensor, I see the value coming in almost immediately. Small changes seem to come in less quickly. This is of course not that big of a problem in practice.

Flow options:

The following options are available to create a flow:




Flow example:

This sensor is ideal for switching on the lamp together with a motion sensor. You can then use the value of the lux sensor to determine how dark it is and whether it is allowed to turn on. This way the lamp does not switch on during the day.

We create a flow for this with the motion sensor as a trigger. At the AND column we check the value of the sensor. This must be lower than 5 LUX, you can use the logic card for this. Finally, we turn on the lamp.

This product is for sale for:

Xiaomi Aqara Light Sensor
€ 8

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