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June 09, 2022 | Niels Laan | Alecto, Weather stations

Alecto Weather Station - WS-5500

Review of a weather station with many sensors.

We haven't seen much weather stations on our blog yet. So it's high time to provide one with a review. We immediately called in the mother of all weather stations: the Alecto Weather Station WS-5500. We are going to install it and look at the possibilities and of course link it to some different Smart Home systems.

Alecto is a manufacturer that has been making "weather related" products for many years. This varies from a simple thermometer to very extensive weather stations. These mainly worked via the 433Mhz protocol and could be linked to, for example, a Home Wizard system. Nowadays you see more WiFi weather stations appearing, including this one from Alecto. This WiFi connection is only used for internal communication. The 866Mhz frequency is used for communication to the sensors. You see this more in weather related products.

8 sensors

This weather station is equipped with 8 different sensors:

- Temperature (indoor and outdoor)
- Humidity (indoor and outdoor)
- Air pressure
- Wind speed and wind direction
- Precipitation
- UV and solar radiation

A 7" color screen is included with the Alecto. There you can read different values. You can also view a calculation of the wind chill, heat index and dew point. In addition, you can view the lowest and highest temperatures and read the forecasts.

There is also space for the time and date. And there is an alarm clock with snooze function. It is powered by the included adapter and you can also place 3x AAA batteries in it as a backup (should the power fail).

Green powerrrr

This weather station has a built-in solar cell that supplies it with power. This is very nice because you often hang a weather station in a place that is difficult to reach. This way you don't need it anymore.

This weather station can be linked to Weather Underground. This is a worldwide weather service with more stations connected (>200,000). Because this is used, it is possible to connect this weather station to a Smart Home system. You can also use the Weather Underground APP to request the values ​​of the station and view (and save) statistics. More on this later.

What do you get:

Professional Weather Station Indoor Unit (Screen)
Weather station outdoor unit (wireless outdoor sensor)
Weather underground app (free to download)
table stand
Mounting material
Manual NL / EN / DE / FR



Label Alecto WS-5500
Artikelnummer WS-5500
GTIN / EAN Code 8712412573936
Adapter (V) 100-240 V
Display type LCD
Screen digitalL (IN) 7.00 inch
Comunnication RF, frequentie 868 MHz, Wifi
WiFi Yes, wifi 2.4GHz
Wlan security WPA2-PSK
Range outdoor up to (M) 100.00 meters
Effective range up to (M) 30.00 meters
Range open field up to (M) 100.00 meters
Thermometer (temp) Indoor, Outdoor
Hygrometer (Humidity) in % Indoor, Outdoor
Relative humidity (RH) measurement Yes
Barometer/Air Pressure (PASCAL) Yes
Number of different measurement per weather station 8 in 1
Pluviometer (RAITER)(MM/H) Yes
Wind direction Yes
Wind Speed ​​(BEAUFORT) (M/S) Yes
UV meter (UV) Yes
Light intensity meter (in lux) Yes


UV meter (UV) Yes
Light intensity meter (in lux) Yes
Wind chill Yes
Heat Index Yes
Dew point Yes
Battery status indication Yes
Low battery indication Yes
Weather forecast Yes
Alarm function minimum/maximum values Maximum humidity, Maximum temperature, Minimum humidity, Minimum temperature, Maximum precipitation volume, Maximum average wind speed
Memory lowest and highest measured values Yes
Outdoor sensor connection Wireless
Connection to weather platforms Weather Underground
Language day indication English

Appearance of outdoor unit:

Appearance of indoor unit/screen:


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