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June 01, 2020 | Niels Laan | Shelly, Built-in switches

Shelly 1


The Shelly has, as it were, built in a small computer. This actually makes it a small smart home controller. So you can make rules via the module itself. There are 3 different types (timer, weekly schedule and scenes). We first look at the timer.

Be smart not dumb


With the timer function you can control that when the lamp is switched on it will go out after x seconds. The other way round is also possible: you turn off the lamp and it switches on again after x seconds.

Weekly schedule:

With the weekly schedule you can have a lamp (or device) switched on at a specific time (or off of course). This can be at a time / day or via sunrise or sunset.

The above options are of course fine if you want to switch something on or off simply. But the power of a smart home system is of course that you can really automate things. For example, you want to press all your lights with one button. To make this possible there is a scene option. You can use different conditions as a trigger and different conditions that he must meet.

The possibilities of scenes are somewhat limited, so there are no possibilities for variables.

This product is for sale for:

Shelly Cloud
€ 11

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