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September 29, 2020 | Niels Laan | Eco-DIM, Built-in dimmer

Eco-DIM.10 - Smart LED Dimmer Module - Z-Wave

Installation via the Home Center 2

The first step is of course to ensure that the dimmer is connected. You start by removing your old dimmer. Well, actually you start by taking the power off. If you have removed it, check if you have a blue wire, if not, use the 2 wire scheme, if you do have one, use the 3 wire scheme. The best thing is to connect it 3 wires, so if you have the option to add a blue wire, I would do this.

When you've connected everything, wait a while before turning on the power and turning the wall switch back on. The Eco-DIM has an auto inclusion option, so it is automatically added to the controller when you put it in learning mode. So we log into the HC2 and go to "my devices" and then click on "add or remove device" and then "add". The addition will now start, so we provide the dimmer with power. The connected lamp turns on. Unfortunately the HC2 doesn't like it so we have to start the manual way. You can do this by briefly pressing the reset button on the front of the dimmer twice in succession. The LED on the dimmer will then flash briefly and will stay on for 10 seconds to indicate that the addition has started.

It was found almost immediately by the HC2 and I can dim it, switch it on/off and see the total consumption and the current consumption. There is also an Ampere and Voltage meter, only these do not transmit values ​​(show 0). This is of course not a disaster.

You can operate the lamp via the wall switch by pressing it 1x for on/off and if you keep it pressed for a long time, it dims (from bright to weaker and vice versa).

Installation screens:



I get an on/off switch and dimmer. You can also view the current consumption and total consumption.

Scene options:

Example scene:

If there is movement in the hall and it is night, the Eco-DIM can be switched on.

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€ 65

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