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February 14, 2021 | Niels Laan | Neo Coolcam, Motion sensors

Neo CoolCam Motion Sensor v3


With this product you get a good motion sensor at home! It can be used well to switch on a lamp, for example when moving. To expand your alarm system, it can also be used to see if there are crooks in the house. It must be mentioned that it has no tamper alarm.

Together with the Fibaro Motion Sensor, it is still the smallest z-wave motion detector on the market. The suspension system is very nice, because it is well adjustable via its magnetic base. Enough mounting hardware is included to secure it properly.

It is for sale for around 20 euros, which makes it reasonably priced.


Temperature and lux in 1
Magnet/hanging system

Only works on batteries
No tamper

Final assessment


Tested with:
Homey, Firmware 4.2, APP: 1.3.3
ZipaTile, firmware 1.1.38
Fibaro HC2, firmware 4.170
Fibaro HC3, firmware 5.050.13


Vera Plus, firmware 1.7.2414
Domoticz, firmware 4.10717
HASS, firmware 0.98.2

This product is for sale for:

Neo CoolCam Motion Sensor v3
€ 20

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