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February 14, 2021 | Niels Laan | Neo Coolcam, Motion sensors

Neo CoolCam Motion Sensor v3


With parameters you can change things about the sensor itself, such as the update time and sensitivity of the motion sensor. Most controllers have this baked in by default.

1. Sensitivity level
The sensitivity of the sensor can be set with this parameter. The value 1 is the least sensitive and 4 the most sensitive.

Default value: 12
Available settings: 8 - 255 (8 = most sensitive)


2. On / off duration
Here you can set the time for which the sensor will not send motion to the associated device.

Default value: 30
Available settings: 5 - 6000 (sec) (this value must be greater than the value of parameter 6)


3. Basic set level
If you have an associated device, this value is used to set the trigger level.

Default value: 99
Available settings: 0-99 (Off) or 255 (On)


4. PIR detection on/off
With this you can turn the PIR functionality on/off

Default value: 255
Available settings: 0 (Off) or 255 (On)


5. Level when light sensor should turn on PIR
You can use this parameter to switch the PIR on or off at a certain Lux value.

Default value: 100 Lux
Available settings: 0 - 10000


6. Re-trigger interval
You can set the sensor to give no movement until after a certain time.

Default value: 10 sec
Available settings: 5 - 120 (sec)


7. Light sensor interval
This parameter determines at which interval a value should be sent to the controller.

Default value: 600 (sec)
Available settings: 60 - 36000 (sec)


8. Lux on/off
With this parameter you can switch the lux on/off.

Default value: 0 (on)
Available settings: 0 - 1


9. Lux level registration
This value determines at how much change in the Lux value the sensor should send a signal to the controller.

Default value: 100 Lux
Available settings: 0 - 1000 Lux


10. Temperature differences report
With this parameter you determine the temperature difference at which a value should be sent to the controller.

Default value: 5
Available settings: 0 - 127


11. LED on/off
With this parameter you can turn the LED on/off.

Default value: 1
Available settings: 1 (On) 0 (Off)


12. Temperature light intensity calibration
With this parameter you can calibrate (adjust) the light sensor

Default value: 1000
Available settings: 1 - 655536

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Neo CoolCam Motion Sensor v3
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