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February 02, 2022 | Niels Laan | Neo Coolcam

Neo Coolcam Repeater

Installation on the Fibaro Home Center 3:

We have already installed this repeater on the HC2 so this should not cause any problems on the HC3. We're going to add him again.

We first supply it with power by pushing it into the socket. After this we log in to the HC3. We go to our devices and press the plus sign. Now start adding by holding the side button for 5 seconds until the LED turns blue and then release it. Do not wait until the LED is off because then the addition will not succeed. The HC3 gives a message that it is "add" and I see the LED of the sensor blinking blue.

After a few seconds it gives a message that the addition was successful and I see the LED light up briefly in green.

It strikes me that there is no configuration (parameters) present, so you will have to add it by hand. See later in the article.

Installation screens:



I get a temperature and a humidity sensor. It strikes me that the temperature sensor transmits a value of -4.4 degrees. Well, it really isn't cold in here. This does not seem to indicate the correct value. You can correct this if necessary by entering this in the parameters. You will find out how further on in this article.

Unfortunately, I can't see whether the repeater works with the HC3.

Scene options:

Temperature sensor:

Humidity sensor:

Example scene:

In our example, we use the humidity sensor to turn on the fan in the bathroom. As a trigger, we say that if the humidity rises above 85%, the fan must be switched on.

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Neo Coolcam Repeater

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