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December 04, 2022 | Niels Laan | Ikea, Motion sensors

Ikea Wireless Motion Sensor - the cheapest?

Installation on the Ikea Smart Home Hub - Dirigera:

We will also add this sensor to the new Dirigera Hub. We start the Ikea APP and click on the plus sign and select "Sensor". There will be a detailed explanation. You first remove the cover at the back and insert the batteries. Now we press the pairing button on the back 4 times within 5 seconds. Please be patient because it took us more than 2 minutes until he was found.

Another small comment: it is true that the sensor does not work immediately when detecting movement. So have some patience again.

Installation screens:


Unfortunately you cannot use this sensor in a scene, but you have to connect it to another device. If motion is detected, it will turn on the paired device. After x min. he turns it off again. You can set this in the APP.


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