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March 05, 2018 | Niels Laan | Controllers, Domoticz


Domoticz is an open source home automation system that is free to use. Today is the day we are going to provide him with a review.

Domoticz was originally programmed by "Gizmocuz" he started in 2012 with the construction of this software package. He found that the systems were not satisfactory at the time. He missed a good connection with his P1 (smart) meter and support for RFXCom RFXtrx433 module (433Mhz protocol). He had the system running within a 1/2 year and decided to make it available to everyone. We are now many years further and several programmers are working on this system voluntarily. This is possible because Domoticz is an open source. The whole thing is programmed in C ++.

"Free to use"

Domoticz can be downloaded for free via the website. Unique is that it can be installed on different systems. Installation is possible on Windows, Raspberry PI, Linux, macOS, Synology NAS and FreeNAS. The hardware does not have to be super fast either, so if you have a PC left, you can use it well and you can start cheaply. If you don't have this, a Raspberry PI is also a great solution. This is already available for € 80.00.


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