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March 05, 2018 | Niels Laan | Controllers, Domoticz



In the setup section you will find the following components:


You can add different devices here.


Here you will find all added devices. You can determine yourself whether or not something is displayed on your dashboards. You can also rename your device here and view the events.


Here you will find general settings such as setting up your mail server, the various meters and most importantly the backup option. You can also have this done automatically. Glad this is present.

More options:

In this section you will find, among other things, the events as already discussed and a possibility to add cameras to your system. There is also a possibility to push data to another system. Such as for example to the Fibaro HC2. In this way you could combine the cheap 433Mhz sensors or your P1 meter with this controller. Good that there are such options available.

Another funny part is that you can make your own floor plan where you can put your devices on a map. In this way you have a visual insight where everything is.


Without a good APP, a home automation system is of course nothing at all. Fortunately there are various APPs available, both on Android and iOS. Domoticz also has its own APP. This is available in a free version with advertising and a paid version (without advertising). It is just a hassle to get it working internally and externally because you have to open certain ports here on your firewall and router.

The APP is pretty well put together and is well-arranged. You can of course view and operate all your devices and you can also start scenes and view your log. There is no possibility to add new devices or create events.

Enkele features van de APP zijn:

- NFC Support
- Zet schakelaren aan en uit via NFC tags
- Geofencing, zet je licht aan wanneer je in de buurt van je huis komt
- Android Wear, bestuur je huis vanaf je pols
- Widgets, zet widgets op je begin pagina van je telefoon (Beta)
- Beveiliging dmv Vingerafdruk
- Praat terug
- Notificaties- Alarm Mogelijkheid


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