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Xiaomi Mi Home

Again time for a new controller, this time the Mi Home from Xiaomi from China. Xiaomi is best known for their phones, but they also make very many other products from scooters to televisions. And therefore also home automation systems. We're going to see how it works.

With the Mi Home it is possible to operate your house, so you can switch your lights on and off remotely or use it as an alarm system. Xiaomi has various sensors, intermediate plugs and smoke detectors in their range. Today a review of a set that has the following components: a button, door/window sensor, motion detector and the gateway(v2). Other sets are also available and you can of course also purchase a separate gateway and choose the right devices yourself.

Zigbee the new Z-Wave?

Unlike other controllers that we have already dealt with, it does not have a Z-Wave radio but a Zigbee. This standard is also used in, for example, Philips HUE and Ikea TRÅDFRI lamps, but there are not yet many sensors available in Europe. Zigbee uses 1 frequency for communication while Z-Wave (divided into continents) uses 4. This makes Zigbee often cheaper than Z-Wave, after all, a manufacturer only has to make 1 product for the entire world. Another difference is that Z-Wave devices must be certified by Sigma, Zigbee does not have this because this is an open standard. This also reduces the license costs.

With Z-Wave, the range is better in order (30 meters) than with Zigbee (10 meters). Usually not a big problem since you often do not reach these distances, unless of course you live mega big.

As already mentioned, the MiHome products are affordable and the Gateway starts from € 50.00 and for example a door sensor from € 12.50.

What do you get:

- Gateway v2- Door / window sensor
- Movement sensor button
- Pin for adding
- Various double-sided stickers
- Converter> Chinese plug to European


We start with the Gateway because this is the nerve center where everything is controlled. In addition to this control, he has an LED ring and speaker. With this speaker you can listen to Chinese radio stations (yes finally) and you can play built-in sounds. Useful for your alarm, for example.

The Gateway uses a Chinese 3-point connection, which you cannot just plug into your outlet. You will therefore have to purchase a transfer to the European connection. Because of this course, the Gateway is quite off the wall, which is not really nice because it actually has to hang in sight. The Gateway has a size of 80x65mm (DxH) which is fairly compact.

Gateway Size:

This product is for sale for:

Xiaomi Gateway/Mi Home
€ 25
Xiaomi Gateway/Mi Home Sarters Set
€ 65

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