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March 02, 2021 | Niels Laan | INNR, Smart lamps

INNR Outdoor Smart Spot Colour

Installation on Philips HUE:

You can also use these lamps as an alternative to the HUE spots. The INNR lamps are a bit cheaper and do the same. Of course they have to work well with the Phillips HUE bridge. This shouldn't cause any problems as the Zigbee protocol is also supported. We will test whether this is the case.

We are the first to connect the lamps again and then log in to the Philips HUE APP. We then go to the settings (radar at the top). We then click on "lamp configuration" and then on add. Now we supply the INNR lamp with power and press search. The lamp flashes and I see it being found. If this is not the case, you have to switch the lamps on/off 6 times

I add it to a room and see that I get an on/off switch and can determine the dim level. I can also give the lamp all the colors of the rainbow. I can also only change the white led.

Installation screens:


This product is for sale for:

Outdoor Smart Spot Colour Extension Pack
€ 40
Outdoor Smart Spot Colour 3-pack
€ 140

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