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March 12, 2020 | Niels Laan | Philips, Controllers, Philips HUE

Philips HUE Bridge 2.0

Add devices:

You add Philips Hue lamps, accessories and other brands in the App, first go to the settings tab at the bottom and then you can choose “Light setup” or “Acccessory setup”. Choose “Add light” or “Add accessory” and you will get a short explanation, then select “Search” to have the Bridge searched. When adding a lamp you also have the choice to manually enter the serial number. If you do this you will still have to search.

We have another problem, because after looking for the old Hue lamps, the Bridge doesn't like anything. Whatever I try, switching it on and off a few times to discover as with the Ikea lamps does not work. So we are looking on the internet how we can add these lamps.
It turns out that you need the old Hue Bridge to transfer the lamps by means of a transfer.
Also keep in mind that you have to reset the Hue Bridge 2.0 for this, so you have lost everything you have done before.

So if you still have old lamps, transfer them first! (If only I had known that before :))
You need the old version of the App for this, you can find it by searching the Playstore for Hue v1 and then follow the next steps:


We can now also update the old Hue lamps:

It is very unfortunate that Philips will stop supporting the first version of the Bridge on April 30, 2020, but good Philips says that the new version 2 is future proof.


We also have an Osram power switch and this also works via the Zigbee protocol, with which you can switch the power supply to, for example, a lamp on or off. But of course you can also connect other devices and put them in a routine. Adding the Osram power switch goes well in 1 time. You add it by going to the Accessory setup in the App and holding the power button on the switch:


We are going to add the Ikea Tradfri lamp and these also work via the Zigbee protocol. The Ikea lamp is a cheaper alternative and good to use without the need for the Ikea controller. You can add the Ikea lamp by switching it off and on three times. You will then see that the lamp turns on and off again and is in setup mode. The Bridge did not find it the first time, but after the second search and putting the lamp in setup mode, the Bridge adds it nicely:


We still have an Innr lamp and will also add it via the Zigbee protocol. The Innr lamp is a cheaper alternative to the HUE lamps. Adding this lamp takes a bit more effort, because you do not see whether it will be in setup mode. So we turn the lamp on and off several times while searching and hope for the best. After the second attempt, the Brige also finds these:

This product is for sale for:

Philips Hue Smart Bridge 2.0
$ 94
Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 Starter Kit
$ 140

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