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March 12, 2020 | Niels Laan | Philips, Controllers, Philips HUE

Philips HUE Bridge 2.0

Other Hue Apps:

There are several apps on the Playstore that are suitable for the Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 that can do just that little bit different than the standard app.

Hereby an overview of 4 options, Hue Essentials, Lighter, Huegasm and Hue Notifier:

Hue Essentials:

This app is fairly standard with the same options as the Philips Hue App and has extra lights for your lights. You can give the lights extra effects in different ways. Unfortunately when you use it for the first time you immediately get a popup that the first 30 seconds are free. If you want to use this for longer, you will have to upgrade.


This app also has different light effects in store for you. This app does want to connect to your google account immediately and know your publicly disclosed information. You will receive a number of free light effects for this. If you want to have all light effects, you will have to upgrade.


This app is made to light up your lights to the beat of the music. You can use the microphone, SoundCloud, music files on your mobile and a direct stream URL. It gives the lights a nice effect and you really respond to the music. You can upgrade to the pro version if you do not want to see adds and support the development of the app.

Hue Notifier:

This app is very useful and really brings some extras. Now you can have your lamps flash with a certain color for the different messages you receive. You can choose any app on your phone and then determine which lamp(s) will go on and what color it is. I have deployed several notifications and I see no popup for an upgrade, I could also not discover any adds. Funny is that you can also use the app itself as a notification.

This product is for sale for:

Philips Hue Smart Bridge 2.0
$ 94
Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 Starter Kit
$ 140

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