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August 26, 2016 | Niels Laan | Zipato, Controllers, Zipato


"Installation is a piece of cake"

Installing the ZipaTile is not very complicated. You can clearly see that Zipato has experience with this. You will be guided neatly through the various steps. The only problem I encountered was that my place of residence was not found when setting the weather. Just selecting a larger place in the neighborhood solved this. A UTP (network) cable is not necessary because it works via your WIFI.

APP ZipaTile:

What makes a big difference with the Zipabox is that you arrange more via the ZipaTile screen. Zipato has an APP for this, which is installed, in addition there are also some separate APPs installed.

With this APP you get the possibility to operate your modules (switch/lamps/etc). The APP that runs on the ZipaTile is almost the same as that you can install on a normal smartphone. A difference is that you have more management options. For example, you can manage users and it is possible to change the general data. With the Zipabox you always had to do this via the interface.

APP Repo:

In this section you will find the various APPs which are installed as standard. Via this screen you can easily update it, this is also automatically done and you will be notified when a new version is available. Very well arranged and I also receive regular updates.


In addition to the Zipato APP, a number of standard APPs have been installed. Unfortunately there is no Play store available so installing other APPs is a bit tricky.

Cloud environment

Nowadays, no controller can work completely without the internet. The ZipaTile does not need internet for the operation and the running of your rules. To make rules you do need the cloud environment. This is therefore not possible locally.

This can be annoying because if the Zipato server is out then you cannot reach the rule creator. Fortunately, Zipato has learned a lot and the server is quite stable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all changes you make must also be synchronized with the Zipato server.

Advantages are that some updates do not require new firmware and that the controller requires less heavy hardware, which may make it cheaper.

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