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August 26, 2016 | Niels Laan | Zipato, Controllers, Zipato


In addition to being able to operate your house via the ZipaTile and smartphone, it is possible to go to a management environment via your browser. You also need this environment to make rules.

Start screen

In this screen you will find the Zipabox data. In addition, you can also add another box here so that you can switch if you have multiple Zipaboxes.

Device manager:

Here you will find a list of all modules/devices. A distinction has been made between virtual modules and physical (z-wave) modules. If you open a module you will see the different end points. You can indicate per endpoint whether or not it should be shown on the dashboard. You can also change the name.

Device manager - configuration module

When configuring the module you can find all the settings (parameters) of the module. Zipato always gives the modules very good support, often with all configuration options. Other manufacturers can take an example here. Often the support of new modules is quickly arranged.

Add module

You can add a new module by clicking on the "add module" button. Then you can select which module you want to add from the list. For adding the Fibaro Smoke Detector, for example, choose generic zwave. The module is always reset first and then added. Adding is unfortunately not always easy. For example, you must place the Fibaro door sensor very close to the box to add it. Sometimes this requires some patience.

In addition to having the option to add physical modules such as a lamp, it is also possible to add a virtual switch, meters and dimmers. You can use this for example to store values. It is also possible, for example, to give a value to a meter via a url (http request).


With a scene you can easily switch a light on or off. You can also operate virtual modules. The scences have an easy set-up, so you cannot control complicated circuits with this. The rule creator for this is (more on this later).


You can manage users in this section. Two types of rights can be granted: Alarm and Tenant. The alarm role may turn on / off and manage the alarm, the Tenant role has limited access to the dashboard. The rights section is therefore not very extensive.


Zipato regularly releases a new firmware for their products. You will automatically receive a notification of this when you log in to the dashboard. You can read about the changes in this section.


If you buy Zipatile then you get the basic version with this version, most users will be fine. You can find the options you get here: https://www.zipato.com/how-it-works/features.

You pay a one-time fee to use the PRO version. You will receive upgrades for 12 months and after these 12 months you will keep the installed updates even if you do not renew the subscription. You can pay with Ideal, among other things. If you want to use SMS and / or voice, you can also purchase credits here.

Controller settings

At the controller settings you will find the general information. Here you will also find the option to restart the box and to upgrade to a new firmware (including the Beta).


To see when something has come on, you can request an overview of the events. You can view live or review the history per module or all modules at the same time. It is a pity that you cannot look very far back.


As a last part we have the favorites. Here you can use modules that you want to view / operate quickly. This overview is also used in the APP.

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