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BlitzWolf Smart Socket BW-SHP15

Installation via the Aeotec Smart Home Hub - Smartthings:
We are also going to add this plug to the Smartthings hub of Aeotec. You can do this by going to your devices and clicking on the plus sign in the top right. We then search for Blitzwolf but he is not found here. To add it we will use the scan option. When the scan has started, you have to press and hold the button on the plug for 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing purple. After a few seconds, the plug is found as a "generic device".

Unfortunately, the energy measurement does not work, but we can turn it on and off.

Installation screens:


You can turn this plug on and off via the app or via the button on the side. Unfortunately, the energy measurement does not work.

Example routine:

Unfortunately, we cannot use the energy measurement to determine, for example, whether our washing machine is ready. We therefore make a routine that when we are away from home the plug is turned off.