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BlitzWolf Smart Socket BW-SHP15


With this plug-in plug from BlitzWolf you can switch a device on or off wirelessly. Think, for example, of your coffee maker, stereo or your TV to take it off standby.

It also has a built-in energy consumption meter. So you can see exactly what a device consumes in order to possibly save on this. You can also use this plug to determine whether your washing machine is ready so that you can have a notification sent by phone.

We tested several controllers in our review and they all did what they were supposed to do.

This plug is 49x49x82mm, which doesn't make it super compact, but it certainly isn't bulky either. There is a button on the side to manually turn it on/off. This takes some getting used to because it is usually at the top. The button is nice and big so you can't miss it.

It is very favorably priced with its €14,- which makes it the cheapest plug adapter with energy metering.

You can buy it through this link.

The only comment I would like to make about this plug is that the whole thing feels a bit cheap and plastic. This does not affect the operation in any way.

Energy measurement

Feels a bit fragile

Final assessment


Tested with:

Homey, Firmware 7.2, APP: 1.3.3
HASS, firmware 0.98.2
Smartthings, APP version: