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BlitzWolf Smart Socket BW-SHP15

Competition/buy advice:

In recent years, more and more Zigbee adapters have come onto the market. That is good for us because there is now a lot of choice and the products are also cheaper.

There are the following alternatives for this plug:

- Ikea
- Philips HUE Smart Plug
- Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug
- INNR Smart Plug


If we look at price, the Ikea is the cheapest with its €9.95, followed by the BlitzWolf (€14,-), Xiaomi (€15,-) Osram (€22,-) and then the Philiips and INNR, these are both around €30. In terms of power to be connected, they are all around 16A (3860W), except for the INNR, which can handle a maximum of 2200W.

The size of the different plugs is not that different. The smallest is the INNR and the largest the Osram. If we have to mention another difference, the Ikea, as the only one of the plugs, does not have an on/off button.

Another difference is that the INNR and Ikea cannot measure consumption.

So which one should you buy now? If you go for price and maximum power, then the Ikea is the winner. If you want a nice slim plug, go for the INNR or the Philips. If you are looking for a plug and do not want to pay too much, the BlitzWolf is a good choice.