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December 23, 2020 | Niels Laan | Fibaro, Controllers, Fibaro

Fibaro Home Center 3

Frequently Asked Questions:



What do the LEDs on the front of the HC3 mean?
Copper - powered

Copper - connected to the internet
Red - not connected to the internet

Copper - connected to LAN
Fast pulsing copper - connecting to LAN

Copper - connected to Wi-Fi
Fast pulsing copper - connecting to Wi-Fi
Red - incorrect login / general error
Green - Wi-Fi in Access Point mode

Installer (remote access)
Buyer - installer assigned
Green - remote support on
Red - installer not assigned

Red - in "Recovery Mode"
Fast pulsing green - backup is in progress
Slow pulsing copper - an update is available

Smart Home
Slow Pulsing Copper - Add Mode
Fast pulsing copper - remove mode
3 green flash - adding successful
3 red blink - adding unsuccessful

Red - alarm armed (on)
Green - alarm disarmed (off)



Which protocols are supported by?
Currently only the Z-Wave (plus) protocol and WiFi / Network devices.

Can the HC3 not work with Zigbee at all?
No, this is currently not possible without detours.

And can my Philips HUE lamps work?
Yes, Fibaro has support for this via the Philips HUE gateway.



I have a HC2 is it wise/worth upgrading?
Hell yes. The HC3 is really a lot faster and the interface more user-friendly. In addition, he has the option of supporting other protocols. We will come up with comparisons between these 2 controllers.

Can I easily upgrade my HC2?
Not easy, but there are some roads. You can find an explanation on this url of our partner.

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