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November 27, 2021 | Niels Laan | Fibaro, Remote controls/Keyfobs

Fibaro Walli Controller

Installation on Home Assistant:

The last Smart Home system we will install this Walli on is Home Assistant. This is a free open software system which we have installed on an RPI3. We use the Aeotec Z-Wave USB stick to control the Z-Wave protocol. To add it we use the Z-Wave JS add-on/integration.

First we log in to HASS and go to Configurations, integrations and click on Z-Wave JS. We remove the back plate of the Walli to get to the tab of the battery. We have to make sure that it has power.

Then we press "add device" and we press the button of the Walli 3x. It will flash yellow to indicate that it is learning. After a few seconds we also see this on the Home assistant screen and after a while it is added.

Unfortunately I can't use the buttons to control anything and I don't see any values ​​coming in either. The temperature sensor is working.

Unfortunately, there is no good support yet.


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