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November 27, 2021 | Niels Laan | Fibaro, Remote controls/Keyfobs

Fibaro Walli Controller

Installation on the Vera Edge/Plus:

The next controller is Vera's. It is my understanding that this is not yet supported (during the making of this article). We are of course stubborn and will just try it.

The first step is to release the button on the front. This is a bit tricky but with a little prying we got it loose. Now we remove the tab near the battery to power the whole. The LED will light up briefly.

We then log in to the Vera and go to our devices and click on "add device" and find the controller. As expected it is not found so we add it as "generic z-wave device".

After some steps you will be asked to put the Walli in learning mode. You can do this by pressing a button 3 times. I see the LED flashing yellow, the Vera indicates that it has been found.

Unfortunately it is not added properly and it is also not possible to change the "device ID".

Installation screens:


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