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April 14, 2021 | Niels Laan | Fibaro, Built-in switches

Fibaro Walli Outlet/Power Socket


With parameters you can change things about the sensor itself, such as the update time and sensitivity of the motion sensor. Most controllers have this baked in by default. There is a slew of settings available. I am not going to cover all of these because this is detailed on the Fibaro website. I'll go through the main ones:

1. Remember the last status in the event of a power failure

With this parameter you can set that when the power of the Walli goes off, it remembers the last status (on / off)

Default value: 1
Available settings: 0 (turn it off), 1 (restores last state before power failure)


2) Overload switch (first channel)

You can ensure that the switch is turned off automatically when too much power is required.

Default setting: 0 (off)
Available setting: 0 (off), 10-3520W (steps 0.1W)


10) Led power overload signal

If the current load exceeds the set value, the LED will light up violet. (only works if you set parameter 11 to 8 or 9)

Default setting: 3,500 (w)
Available setting: 100-5000 (steps 0.1W)


11) LED color (on)

Allows you to set the color of the LED (and what it does)

Default setting: 1 (White)
Available setting: 1 (White), 2 (Red). 3 (Green), 4 (Blue), 5 (Yellow), 6 (Cyan), 7 (Magenta), 8-9 (color depending on the connected power)


12) LED color (off)

With this you can set the color of the LED.

Default setting: 1 (White)
Available setting: 1 (White), 2 (Red). 3 (Green), 4 (Blue), 5 (Yellow), 6 (Cyan), 7 (Magenta)


12) Led light level

With this you can set the amount of light that the LED gives.

Default setting: 1 (White)
Available setting: 0 (Off), 1-100 (1-100%)



View all parameters here:

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Fibaro Walli Outlet/Power Socket
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