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November 01, 2019 | Niels Laan | Eco-DIM, Built-in dimmer

Eco-DIM. 07

Parameters (Z-Wave):

With parameters you can change the default setting of this dimmer. Some controllers have this embedded as standard with others you have to enter this manually.

1) Power recovery

Default setting: 1
Available setting: 0 (Off), 1 (On), 2 (Reset to failure values)


There are of course many built-in dimmers, but these cannot actually be compared with the ECO-DIM.07. This is because it supports both Zigbee and Z-Wave and you can operate it with a rotary knob. If you do not find these last 2 issues so important, there is plenty of choice. If you want reliability, good setting options and Z-Wave, the Fibaro Dimmer 2 or the cheaper Robbsmarrt Dimmer are a good option. If you want to go for Zigbee then your choice is somewhat limited because only then the Robbsmarrt Zigbee dimmer is eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to use Z-Wave or Zigbee if my controller supports this?
To determine this choice, it is useful to first look at your network. The fact is that this dimmer can function as a "repeater" because it is always supplied with power. This allows him to pass on the signal to another module. You thus increase the reach of your network. So if you don't have a lot of "repeaters" in the Zigbee area, it's best to use the Zigbee variant and vice versa, of course, the same applies to Z-Wave.

Another point that you can take into account is that there is sometimes a limit on the number of devices you can connect to your controller. If you are almost close to this limit, it is better to use Z-Wave or Zigbee again.

In terms of range and speed, the 2 protocols do not differ much from each other. In theory, Z-Wave should be faster and have more reach.

Do I need a blue (ZERO) wire?
No, this is a 2 wire system

What kind of lamps can I connect to this dimmer?
You can connect both LED, halogen and an incandescent lamp. Make sure with an LED lamp that you have a copy that can be dimmed.

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