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Eurotronic Spirit Thermostatic valve - Z-Wave Plus


If we look at the Z-wave protocol, there are two competitors. That is the Fibaro Heatcontoller Z-Wave PLus and the Danfoss Z-Wave LC13. If we start with the Danfoss then it is striking that no direct actions are possible. So if I set a desired temperature, it will take a while for it to arrive at the Danfoss. This means that real-time operation is not possible. The Fibaro and Eurotronic have no problems with this.

The Eurotronic and Danfoss both have a temperature display. The Danfoss is more difficult to read and the Fibaro has no display at all. This one does have a ring to show the temperature. This is of course slightly less accurate than a number.

In appearance, the Fibaro wins, which is a bit slimmer and does not look that cheap. If we are talking about cheap, then the Eurotronic is the cheapest because it costs 49.95. After that comes the Danfoss with its 57.95 and the most expensive is the Fibaro with its 89.95. Speaking of the Fibaro variant, there is still a difference with the rest and that is that it can be charged via USB. This saves batteries again.

Finally, I would like to mention that the operation of the Eurotronic is very pleasant. This is due to the buttons and the display.

So which is the winner now? If you go for looks then you have to take the Fibaro and accept the high price. Are you going for easy operation and a little cheaper? Then the Eurotronic is the winner.


Niels Laan

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