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Eurotronic Spirit Thermostatic valve - Z-Wave Plus

Installation on the ZipaTile / ZipaBox:

If you want to install this thermostatic valve, the first step is to provide it with power. You do this by removing the cover and installing the batteries. Make sure that these are properly fitted (this is somewhat difficult to see). If you have done this correctly the display will light up and Inc will be indicated. After this you log in to the ZipaTile and go to "add new device" with your devices. Then click on Z-Wave. It will be indicated that the tap must first be reset. You can do this by holding the boost button (middle button) for 5 seconds. This works immediately and then you have to press the same button again for 5 seconds to add it permanently.

This also succeeded and first see the node id in the display and then "InS" to indicate that it can be installed in its place. So we are going to do this. First remove the old thermostat valve by unscrewing it. Don't worry if water comes out, this is a closed circuit. Then screw in the Spirit (hand-tight). You can optionally use the supplied adapters. This was not necessary in my case.

After this you can complete the installation by pressing the boost button again. The Spirit will calibrate itself so that the open and closed position is correct. After this you can also operate it with the ZipaTile.

Installation screens:



You can set the different modes and how far the tap is open or closed. It is striking that no target temperature can be set.

Rule creator options:




Example rule:

When I go to sleep, I want the thermostat valve to be turned off.


The Spirit works great with the ZipaTile / ZipaBox and responds quickly to the commands. You can of course also use it in the climate panel, so that you can arrange your entire house. The only striking thing is that no target temperature can be set with your device. You can use the different modes and control it through a rule.


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