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Eurotronic Spirit Thermostatic valve - Z-Wave Plus

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this thermostat faucet react immediately to a set temperature?
Yes, he does that thanks to the built-in FlirS technology

What kind of battery does this faucet have?
2x AA batteries (this may not be charging batteries)

Does it have an open window detection?
Yes, that is present. If the temperature is within 15 minutes. quickly he will close the tap

Is there child safety?
Yes, these are present. This means that the thermostat can no longer be operated with the button. You can change this via the APP or by pressing the + and - buttons for 3 seconds.

How can I reset the whole?
You can do this by removing the batteries and then placing them back while holding the boost button. In the display you will first see RES and then DEF.

How can I remove the tap from my network (exclude)?
If you hold the boost button for more than 5 seconds and put your controller on exclude, it will be deleted.

What kind of connection does my tap need?
No adapter required:
Heimeier, Junkers Landy + Gyr, MNG, Honeywell, Braukmann, or an M30 x 1.5mm wire. The adapters from Danfoss (RAV) where you need the supplied pin and the Danfoss RA and RAVL.

Need an adapter:
Herz M28 x 1.5 mm, Comap M28 x 1.5 mm, Vaillant 30.5 mm, Oventrop M30 x 1.0 mm, Meges M38 x 1.5 mm, Ondal M38 x 1.5 mm, Giacomini 22.6 mm, Rossweiner M33 x 2.0 mm, Markaryd M28 x 1.0 mm ,, Ista M32 x 1.0 mm, Vama M28 x 1.0 mm, Pettinaroli M28 x 1.5 mm, T + A M28 x 1, 5 mm, Gampper 1/2/6.


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