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May 29, 2021 | Niels Laan | Athom, Controllers, Homey

Homey by Athom

433 MHz

The 433Mhz protocol is particularly distinguished by the price. This way you can buy a temperature sensor for just a few euros. The disadvantage of this protocol is that the range is more limited and no feedback is given as to whether the signal has arrived. But if you want to save some money for non-important things, this is a great solution.

We don't have such a large selection of 433Mhz devices, but I will add a few (which are used on the HomeWizard) and a few from the review package.

Home easy switch

First we take this intermediate plug. Unlike other devices, you have to add it to the Homey via the remote control. The Homey then picks up, as it were, the signal of communication between the remote control and the intermediate plug. You can start adding again by looking up the device and installing the APP. You will then be asked to press a button on the remote control (to which the intermediate plug is connected). Unfortunately, nothing happens, not even if I keep the connector / remote control close to the Homey. This therefore does not seem to work well.

Now I don't just give in and check if a signal is sent at all. You can check this by going to the developers section of the Homey. And there I see that a signal is being sent.

But after trying a few more times it still doesn't work. Also just adding the remote control is not possible.

Installation screens:

Cresta Thermometer (TX320)

This is a very famous and cheap (€ 15) thermometer from Cresta. To install it I had to install the weather station APP. He was found after a moment of patience. Unfortunately, 433Mhz is not that reliable because after a while the signal did not come in anymore.

Installation screens:

KlikAanKlikUit - Socket switch (ACD-1000)

Unfortunately not so much success with the 433Mhz devices. Time to try one, an intermediate plug, which is included with the review kit. This is a nice compact intermediate plug where you can connect a device with a maximum of 1000W.
Let's see if it works. So we go to devices again and click on the plus sign. Then we look for the plug, which is in the list. After adding, I can operate it and it responds fairly smoothly to commands.

Conclusion 433 MHz

You can see that the Homey has some problems with the 433Mhz devices. This certainly has to do with the protocol. This communicates one way and often the range is not as good.

This product is for sale for:

€ 399
€ 299

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