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May 29, 2021 | Niels Laan | Athom, Controllers, Homey

Homey by Athom


The next protocol, which is Zigbee's turn, distinguishes itself just like Z-Wave through 2-way communication and the ability to form a network. Zigbee is best known for the Philips HUE and Ikea Trådfri lamps. We are going to test some different devices again.

Ikea Trådfri

Ikea makes home automation products for a nice amount of money. For example, they already have different lights and plugs from € 10. We test the RGBW LED lamp. Good to know is that this lamp can be connected directly to the Homey, but that the Ikea Gateway can also be used. We link it directly because you will not get any delays.

Adding is again by going to your devices and looking up the Ikea lamp. Then I turn the lamp on and off to start adding.

Installation screens:


Operation lamp:

I can switch the lamp on and off, determine the dim position and set all colors of the rainbow. Completely complete.

Adding this lamp is perfect again and without problems. It responds very quickly to my commands, even when I switch the lamp on and off very quickly.


INNR mainly makes lighting and is a cheap alternative to Philips Hue lighting. For example, the lamp (E27 - RB175W) which we are going to test can be purchased for € 22.95. You can link these products directly to the Homey. So you do not need an INNR Hub.
Adding is done again by installing the APP and selecting the correct device. You can start adding by switching the lamp on and off. I had to repeat this procedure a few times, but it was eventually found.

Installation screens:


I can switch the lamp on and off again and determine the light intensity.

Xiaomi motion sensor

Once you get a little better off with home automation, it can sometimes become an expensive hobby, because you want to automate more and more things. If you want to keep it all affordable, Xiaomi also has very nice products.

Installation screens:


Conclusion Zigbee:

The devices tested by us were all added without problems. You can see that Homey has this pretty well organized.

This product is for sale for:

€ 399
€ 299

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