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September 08, 2020 | Niels Laan | Athom, Controllers, Homey

Homey by Athom


A new part in the Homey is the energy part. Here you can see the current consumption of a device. Handy to see where your standby consumers are. If you use a device such as a Fibaro Wall Plus, you will automatically see the consumption.

There is more..

As a device where consumption is not tracked, you can still arrange this via the Homey. You can enter the standby consumption (off mode) and consumption. Handy feature.


The insights section provides insight into what your devices are doing. For example, you can see what the temperature trend is. This section has been set up very extensively. You can look back in time, export the graphs, create a CSV file of the data, delete everything and change the graph type.

You can also check multiple sensors to compare them, which you can then save as a template. Another good point is that the data is safely stored locally and therefore no third party can access it. Other controllers can take another example from this.

It is a pity that you cannot see the on and off action. I find that a bit strange. It is desirable to be able to view your variable. If we are still dealing with the negatives, it is also a pity that these graphs are not in the APP. It is also possible to view limited logging in the APP.

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