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January 02, 2020 | Niels Laan | Qubino, Built-in dimmer | 1

Qubino Mini Dimmer


There are quite a few Z-Wave built-in dimmers on the market. The most famous is the Fibaro Dimmer 2 and therefore we compare it with this one. If we put the Qubino next to it, then some things stand out. The Fibaro, for example, has the option of connecting an extra switch. The Qubino does not have this. Because the Qubino does not have this, the module can be a lot smaller compared to the Fibaro. This can be handy if you are going to install it.
Both dimmers have the option to connect it via 2 or 3 wires. Both dimmers have a built-in LED to view the status. Here the options of the Fibaro are slightly more extensive because you can also view the range of the dimmer.

According to Qubino, the Qubino dimmer does not require a bypass filter. You use such a filter if your lamp is flashing or does not switch on / off. The Fibaro variant would need this. Now it appears in practice that Fibaro often does not need this bypass filter either. So in most cases, both dimmer are the same here.

There is also a difference in the power to be connected between these 2 dimmers. The Qubino can be connected to a maximum of 200W and to the Fibaro 250W.

As a final point, we still look at the price. The Fibaro is for sale for € 59.95 and the Qubino for € 64.95. So a difference of 5 euros. This can make a difference if you need several dimmers. I must mention that if you need a bypass filter, this will be added separately with the Fibaro variant. This costs € 11.99. Because of this, the Qubino may be cheaper in some cases.

So why should I buy the Qubino now? It is especially useful if you do not have that much space in your junction box.

Are you going for a cheaper solution? Then it is best to look at the Robb Smarrt built-in dimmer. This is already for sale for € 49.95 and also has an energy measurement. This one is a lot bigger.

This product is for sale for:

Qubino Z-Wave Plus Smart Mini Dimmer
$ 59

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