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January 02, 2020 | Niels Laan | Qubino, Built-in dimmer | 1

Qubino Mini Dimmer

Testing lamps:

Because Qubino claims not to need an extra filter if you use an LED lamp, I thought it would be nice to also test this. I have tested a Philips Incandescent lamp, Ikea Ledare (11W) and an unknown chinese LED lamp. These lamps all work great with the Fibaro Dimmer 1 and 2 and Robb Smarrt built-in dimmer (Z-Wave).

I tested the lamps with both 2 and 3 wires. See the results below:

  Philips Ikea Chinese lamp
2 wires Fine Flashes Does not turn off
3 wires Fine Fine Fine

As you can see I had some problems with the 2 wire connection. I have put the problem with Qubino and she came up with the following response.

Now the why some lights are working with Fibaro and the Qubino the difference is in the Calibration, we do the calibration only or the max value, letting the min dimming from 0, since we want to use the full scale of the led lights so from 0 - 100%. But some lights because of how the build don't let enough power back to the Mini dimmer. That's why there can sometimes be flickering. In case that the flickering is only in the minimum values ​​of the dimming, this can be "fixed" setting the minimum dimming value to the value where there is no flickering.

Example if there is flickering from 0 - 20% you can set the parameter 60 to 22% and the dimmer will work normally from 0 - 100% in the gateway (UI and on the APP) in reality the dimmer will dim the light from 20% to full.

Fibaro cut the lower dimming values ​​after the calibration is done, that's why sometimes some lamp works on Fibaro, using the setting of the Parameter 60 the result should be the same :)

I also asked for a list of lamps that have been tested by them:

Ik heb ook gevraagd naar een lijst met lampen welk door hun getest zijn:

Lamp type 2 Wire Comment 3 Wire Comment
Designlight E-NR: 74 657 58 3.5-4.2Watt No Mini dimmer does not get the power needed OK no flickering detected
OSRAM PHANTOM DIMM CLASSIC A75 DIMMABLE SDCM <6 10.5Watt OK When holding pushbutton for dimming, output turn fully ON and with second press is
possible to dim the output.
DESIGNLIGHT P1603527 5-8Watt OK Output flickers a little, with fibaro bypass there's no flickering N/T  
LUMEX CLASSICO M3 LED DOWNLIGHT 8WATT OK Output flickers a little, with fibaro bypass there's no flickering OK no flickering detected
IKEA DIMMABLE LED LIGHT 11W OK works ok without flickering, When holding pushbutton, output turn fully ON and afer that is possible to dim it.
dimming is smooth and there is no need for using of Bypass for operating.
OK no flickering detected
Verbatim model 52034 PAR38 E27 OK Smooth diming, when holding pushbutton output turn fully ON and after that it is possible to dim it. OK no flickering detected
Osram LED 10.5W OK   OK  
Osram LED 13.5W OK   OK  
Osram LED 9W OK   OK  
Halogen Light 53W OK   OK  
Halogen Light 105W OK   OK  
Halogen Light 100W OK   OK  
Halogen Light 30W OK   OK


Strangely enough, it is indicated that the Ikea lamp must work without problems. The above shows again that one LED lamp is not the other. That is why it is wise to test whether your lamp works or not.


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