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January 02, 2020 | Niels Laan | Qubino, Built-in dimmer | 1

Qubino Mini Dimmer


With the mini dimmer you can switch a lamp on and off and as the name suggests you can also dim a lamp. He can also measure the energy consumption for you and you can see the total consumption. You install it behind your existing wall switch, so you do not see that you have made your lamp smart. This lamp can be an LED, LED strip, halogen or incandescent lamp. The maximum power to be connected is 200W. Unlike some other dimmers, it does not need a bypass filter for the connected lamps to work properly.

The dimmer distinguishes itself by its size. He is really super small. Very nice if you have to install it in a tightly built-in box. It has an LED on the front to view the status and whether the addition has started.

If you read the above, you might be wondering if there are any downsides to this dimmer. Yes, there are. For example, during my test procedure I had problems with 2 different LED lamps. When I connected the dimmer with 2 wires. Connecting with a blue (NUL) wire gave no problems. Something to keep in mind when you buy this dimmer.

It is for sale for € 64.95 through our partner.

So: Do ​​you have limited space in your flush-mounted box? Then this smaller dimmer is the solution.

Small. Yes, very small
Energy measurement

Not all LED lamps work perfectly

Tested with:
Homey, Firmware 2.4.1, APP: 1.1.3
ZipaTile, firmware 1.1.38
Fibaro HC2, firmware 4.170
Vera Plus, firmware 1.7.2414
HASS, firmware 0.96.2
Domoticz, firmware 4.10717

This product is for sale for:

Qubino Z-Wave Plus Smart Mini Dimmer
$ 59

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